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Brandon & Jessie

March 13, 2017

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Brandon and Jessie’s engagement session was such a refreshing reminder as to why I LOVE my job so much! We basically spent the hour just hanging out, laughing, and fooling around. As soon as you let loose and just decide to be silly and have fun, you add so much more life and realness to your photos. It makes for the BEST sessions and shows off your dynamic as a couple and individual personalities.

I like to remind my couples at the beginning of the session that there is zero need to be nervous! I’ve had people email me worrying that they aren’t cute or candid enough compared to the other photos they’ve seen me share, which always makes me laugh! I promise that I walk you through all the poses and technical aspects of your session, so if you just come relaxed and willing to goof around, we are good to go 😎.

Here are some of my favs from their session!

Coming up to one of my favorite moments of the session! Jessie had one photo request, which was of Brandon picking her up while in the water. I got one frame off on my camera before Brandon tumbled backwards into the water and got SOAKED hahah.

Jessie took a quick moment to love on him before seeing another wave on its way and dipped out haha!! Too much fun.

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