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As a storyteller that uses photography as my medium, I love blogging about my sessions to show a more complete picture (pun intended) of my work. Here you can browse through a variety of different shoots and get a feel for my style and how I make each session unique and tailored to my clients.

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Welcome TO THE

  When I was first starting out in the photography world, I felt SO overwhelmed by the sheer number of different lenses. I was a biology major finishing up my last year of college and was on the fence between following a more traditional job route or pursuing my passion. I knew that I wanted […]

When I first started trying my hand at portrait photography, my biggest roadblock by far was editing. My posing was fine (though I’ve come far) and I was shooting in manual, but I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted because I didn’t know how to manipulate my photo editing programs. It felt like some […]

Capturing love stories in CA and worldwide.