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Jenna & Greg Wedding: The Church at Rocky Peak

June 27, 2018

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Talk about the perfect wedding. I seriously LOVED every moment of their day from start to finish! Not only are they just a beautiful couple (Jenna is Belle from Beauty and the Beast, 100%), but they both have hearts of pure gold. The entire day was focused on what mattered most to them: celebrating the start of their new family together with the people they love most. It’s easy to get distracted by the glitz and glam of weddings when you’re getting married, but Jenna was nothing short of my dream bride. Even with all the madness going on, she stayed grounded and was nothing but excited to marry the man she had been dreaming and praying for. She got ready with her best friends, had the sweetest first look with her dad, and loved every moment before walking down that aisle to her HUSBAND!!

I’m always so thrilled when I leave a wedding day and just KNOW that my bride and groom had the BEST day of their lives. That they finished the day with nothing but joy and all the hard work planning and money spent was worth it. That’s how I felt with these two!

And the best part is, I already know they will have a marriage more beautiful than their wedding :).

Love them! Here are some of my favorites from their day!


I love this photo of Jenna’s mom right before her daughter did her first look with her dad! She is SO excited and couldn’t help but watch!


Another favorite mom moment of the day! Greg was overcome with emotion when he first saw Jenna come down the aisle and his mom couldn’t help but watch his reaction while everyone else was looking at the bride. Look how proud and happy she is that her son is marrying the girl of his dreams!

So happy I caught that little moment! It’s one of my favorite wedding photos EVER.

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