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Pasea Hotel Wedding in Huntington Beach

September 13, 2017

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Lauren and Nick’s wedding day was perfection from start to finish!

The day of, I walked into her room at the Pasea Hotel in Huntington Beach and was met with a beautiful suite with tons of natural light and a group of the prettiest bridesmaids! Le Pique Beauty did a flawless job with hair and makeup and I squealed when I first saw Lauren because she already looked drop-dead gorgeous long before she was done getting her beauty on!

There were so many special moments before the wedding even started. Lauren and Nick exchanged love letters, she gave gifts to her parents and bridesmaids, and we took a few quiet moments to get stunning photos of her on the balcony connected to her room.

My favorite memory from the day is literally SPRINTING to and from the beach after we finished photos with their bridal party! We were racing the sun setting and it’s a good thing Lauren and Nick are both personal trainers, because running in the sand is a workout! We made it to the beach and caught some epic sunlight. The wind made for some amazing movement in photos, but also did a number on Lauren’s hair, so we RAN to wash her feet off at one of those beach showers before heading back to her hotel room for touchups. She accidentally pressed the wrong button and water came from the top of the shower and not at the bottom! She got a refreshing little beach shower, but was all smiles and good humor and we sped off to try to fix her hair and makeup before their grand entrance. I remember laughing so hard as we ran barefoot down the soft carpet towards their room at the end of the hallway and scampering to plug in a hair curler and find some makeup for her to apply.

It’s the messy, real-life moments that make your day so special. I am so grateful for amazing brides like Lauren who are filled with positivity and joy. What most people don’t realize before their wedding day is that YOU control your experience. Unexpected things are always going to happen in life (including your wedding day!) and the only control you have is how you choose to handle them. Make the decision to always choose courage, humor, and grace.

Your wedding day is what you make of it and I can tell you straight up that Lauren and Nick had one of the best days of their lives that day. It was truly magical.

Enjoy some favorites of mine from the day!

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