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the booth

Sleek, modern, and interactive with a touchscreen interface.  

The Booth is a beautiful, open-air photo booth that delivers amazing photos for you and your guests to enjoy! I’m all about high-quality images and The Booth is as good as it gets (no janky webcams here)!

No need to worry about your friends and family getting bored and antsy during your reception. Give them a custom experience that’s tailored to your wedding day or event! The Booth comes with a personalized template that we design together, unlimited prints, a gorgeous gold or silver sequined backdrop, plenty of fun props, instant social media sharing, and the photo booth images in an online gallery for you to see/download after the day is over!

Finally, a wedding favor that your guests will actually love and cherish! 


It couldn’t be easier! Your guests will grab their props, press start on the touchscreen, and the booth will count down 3-2-1 and snap a photo! Your guests will get to briefly see the photo on the screen, then The Booth will take more photos in similar fashion. Once the session is complete, The Booth puts together a beautiful collage and your guests can print up to five 4 x 6 prints so multiple people can take home the photos!

The Booth is open-air, meaning you don’t need to try to stuff people into a small Harry Potter sized closet! You can fit as many as 10-12 people into an image if you squeeze, so your friends don’t feel left out.

The Booth takes about 20-30 minutes to get running! Depending on your wedding timeline, my team and I will either set things up before we’re scheduled to start coverage or during dinner (when there’s downtime and no important events are going on, we won’t miss a thing!). This timing works out perfectly because my team and I can get things set up while everyone is chowing down and after your guests eat, the fun starts!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your template! Having a tropical-themed wedding? We can add in palm trees, beautiful flowers, etc! Do you love Chipotle? We can put in cute burrito and guac clip art (only half kidding). Most of my couples will look on Etsy for clip art and send over the ones that catch their eye! We can add your names, initials, and wedding date too!

We offer rose gold and silver sequin backdrops!

The Booth needs around 8’x 8’x8’ to fit comfortably. It will also require an outlet and WIFI if you would like to enable social sharing so it can text and email the photos to your guests in real time!

Heck yes! All the photos will be placed in an online gallery for you to view, share, and download within 48 hours of your big day.

How does The Booth work?

How many people fit in The Booth?

How long does it take to set up The Booth?

How do I personalize our photo booth template?

What backdrops can we choose from?

How much space does it take up & do we need to provide power?

Can we see all of the photos after our wedding/event?

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Open-Air Photo Booth
Unlimited photo sessions
Personalized 4×6 or 2×6 prints
Backdrop Choice
Fun Party Props
Instant email sharing
Online Photo Gallery

4 hours of unlimited use: $800

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